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Moving Pictures Presents: Hotties in Haiku - Drew Barrymore [User Review]


When I was age five

I could not understand why

ET wants to leave.

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Moving Pictures Presents: Hotties in Haiku - Salma Hayek [User Review]


I have felt true love

Ever since Desperado.

God bless Rodriguez

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500 Days of Summer [USER REVIEW] [User Review]

500 Days of Summer

"500 days of Summer" is a beautiful piece of chocolate cake. It is simple, pack of original flavour and genuine emotions, not overly sweetened; it bring back the memory of the first time how chocolate cake was tasted; back to the basic was not often seen these days but beautifully implemented in to the story telling.

Romantic Comedy movies are like chocolate cakes. It is sweet, not very challenging, we all like to have it from time to time, and more importantly, ladies love them. OK. Some men love it too but they won’t tell you just like that.

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Michael Jackson's "Thriller" [User Review]


Michael Jackson's "Thriller" music video remade with Legos, shot for shot.

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Yes, the CGI was great. but no, it was still not worth it. [USER REVIEW] [User Review]


I was young. I was foolish. I liked the colorful screen and pounding sound, that I forgot the truth.

I thought I could be happy. I thought that is what I want. My, oh my, I was so wrong.

Seriously, what could be wrong about 2012? It is a catastrophe, end of the world fantasy. It has all the computer effects, the flying cars, smashing trains, collapsing buildings and gaps, gaps and more gaps on the ground, earth is shaking, airplanes flying through the burning smoke, the black US president (not to mention, the last one) and Amanda Peet. What else can you possibly want? And how can I possibly be disappointed?



Godzilla - Size Just Didn't Matter [User Review]

Godzilla (1998)

Godzilla(or in this case Zilla, as the Japs prefer to call him) was the ultimate culmination of the "who cares about plot" summer movie. A very loose remake of the 1954 "classic", and by that I mean zero adherence to the source, Japanese monster movie, Godzilla, King of the Monsters (which is itself pretty thin in the story department), Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin's big- budget lizard-stomps-Manhattan disaster flick has been written with the brain dead in mind. The script isn't just "dumbed down," it's lobotomized, and Godzilla lives and dies on special effects alone.



Subway Map to the Greatest Films Ever [User Review]

Subway Map to the Greatest Films Ever

You can just whizz right by "Forrest Gump" and "Crash" if you want to, but you've got to check out this cool subway map of great films. If this doesn't make you homesick for New York, and/or want to have a big film fest at your house this weekend, you're not on the right train!

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