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Awesome Flicks From The Decade(Close But Not Top Ten)


Awesome Movies From The Decade

1. Uzak(Distant)
2. City Of God
3. Songs From The Second Floor
4. Traffic
5. Mystic River
6. Reqiuem For a Dream
7. A.I
8. Head-On
9. Talk To Her
10. The Royal Tennebaums
11. Moulin Rouge
12. Munich
13. The Fog Of War
14. Big Fish
15. The Barbarian Invasions
16. A History Of Violence
17. Lost in Translation
18. The Bird People in China
19. Donnie Darko
20. 28 Days Later
21. Kill Bill Vol 1
22. The Incredibles
23. Up
24. Dogville
25. Zodiac
26. Let The Right One In
27. Amelie
28. No Man's Land
29. Primer
30. Intacto

Source of the Bitter: John Rojas

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