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Bitter Balcony rocks out with The Happy Hollows’ “Death to Vivek Kemp” video!!!


Bitter Balcony rocks out with The Happy Hollows’ “Death to Vivek Kemp” video!!!

Your friends at the Balcony have been in a bit of a film dry spell. What did you expect? With choices like “Repo Men,” “The Bounty Hunter” and “Remember Me,” our interest in the seventh art has taken a back seat. Not to worry, we’ll get back to watching crap for your enjoyment, but for now, we feature a cool animated video by Los Angeles indie band The Happy Hollows.

Directed by Benjamin Hoste, the video is page-by-page, hand-sketched drawings of the band performing their college radio hit “Death to Vivek Kemp.” BB likes the simplicity and playfulness of Hoste’s video, possessing an engaging timelessness similar to Tom Tom Club’s “Genius of Love.” The video has been in rotation on MTV U while The Happy Hollows recently performed at SXSW in Austin.

Benjamin Hoste is an up and coming director who is ingrained with the current L.A music scene (he’s also directed videos for The Voyeurs and Manhattan Murder Mystery). His web site, benjaminhoste.com, features his music videos, photography gallery and an ongoing series of interviews from local musicians named “This Ain’t a Scene,” about the L.A music SCENE!?. Hoste’s humor seems to go hand-in-hand with his talent, and like former video auteur turned - directors like Michel Gondry, Marc Webb, and David Fincher, we wouldn’t be surprised if Hoste’s name appears in film credits in the future. For now, check out “Death to Vivek Kemp,” proof that doodling during your boring elementary school classes might pay off someday.

To find out more about The Happy Hollows, go to:



Official website:

Bitter Balcony rocks out with The Happy Hollows’ “Death to Vivek Kemp” video!!!


Directed by: Benjamin Hoste

Source of the Bitter: John Rojas

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