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Is Kane able? Solomon Kane Lookout


Solomon Kane

Bitter Balcony spotted this trailer for “Solomon Kane”, a medieval fantasy adventure based on the works by the late Conan creator Robert E. Howard. Solomon Kane (James Purefoy) is a warrior who is bound to lose his soul to the man downstairs. To avoid the Mephisto Waltz, Kane vows a life of peace, wondering the battle infested world like a monk. In his travels, Kane bonds with a family (Pete Postlethwaite of “The Usual Suspects” is the patriarch) who captures the heart of the former mercenary.

However, a band of facially scarred dudes decide to mess with Kane’s gentle companions, forcing him to decide to either hold his abstinence of violence and keep his soul, or lose it in order to save his friends. Solomon is cool with that and decides to build a house made of hay. No, no, he chops everybody's limbs off! The beauty of cinema is that it offers all kinds of loopholes, and “Solomon Kane” is definitely no different: the solider can redeem his soul if he can rescue the daughter (Rachel Hurd-Wood) from the clutches of evil.

James Purefoy of “Rome” fame plays the title role, the same guy who quit “V for Vendetta” to do ??? Well, in fairness to Purefoy, he is a good actor, perhaps a “300” type movie away from stardom. Will “Solomon Kane” be it? Hell, No. Poor Purefoy, it looks like Kevin Sorbo was too busy at a Vero Beach Comic convention to act in this one. Yes, it looks like those nineties syndicated shows, and we bet USA network got first dips on this one. So why are we looking out for this movie? Because we can't wait to beat it with the ugly stick! It’s 2010, Bitter Balcony is out for blood!!!



Official website:

Solomon Kane


Directed by: Michael J. Bassett
Written by: Michael J. Bassett
Cast: James Purefoy, Rachel Hurd-Wood, Pete Postlethwaite

Source of the Bitter: John Rojas

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Que on Tue, 02/23/2010 - 8:20pm

i know at least 22 friends of mine will go to this movie with that giant box of popcorn and 1.5 ltr soda cup.

sure it is not heading to any acadamy but you never know... it looks fun and boy hunting.

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