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R.I.P. Dennis Hopper

R.I.P Dennis Hopper, Bitter Balcony, review, movie review, movie, bitterR.I.P. Dennis Hopper

In sad news, Dennis Hopper has passed away from Prostate Cancer. We all know him from movies like "Easy Rider", "Blue Velvet", "True Romance", and "Speed".

We also enjoyed his performance alongside Sir Ben Kingsley in "Elegy", reviewed here.

Let's not forget his performance in "Super Mario Bros.", which he admitted in an interview to have done because his son needed shoes. How cool is that? :)

We'll be able to see him acting in two upcoming films "Alpha and Omega" and "The Last Film Festival".

Source: IMDB

Source of the Bitter: JAS

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John Rojas on Mon, 05/31/2010 - 1:59am

He was also part cantelope! Rest in peace Mr. Hopper.

JAS on Mon, 05/31/2010 - 11:32am

...and you're part eggplant!

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