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"Hobo with a Shotgun" trailer! A-mazing!


If this doesn't look craptastic to you then you've got to check your crap-o-meter! We heart you Rutger Hauer!

As it turns out this was a "sizzle reel"/mock trailer to entice producers. Enticed they were as it is now being made into a feature film. Awesome!



Scott Pilgrim vs the Bitter... and wins!

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, Scott Pilgrim vs The World 2010Edgar Wright,Michael BacallEdgar WrightMichael Cera, Alison Pill,Mary Elizabeth Winstead,Mark Webber,Johnny Simmons,Ellen Wong,Kieran Culkin,Anna KendrickBryan Lee O'Malley Bitter,Bitterometer,meter Scott Pilgrim vs The World(2010)

Movies based on video games tend to reek of disaster: think “BloodRayne,” “Alone in the Dark,” “Street Fighter.” We’ve had more luck when it comes to comic-book films such as “The Dark Knight,” “Kick Ass,” and “The Crow.” When a movie is made based on a comic book that has a video game feel to it, we get “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.” Does it go the way of the “BloodRayne” or is it more “Kick Ass”? Thankfully, we get something more like “Ghost World” shoved into a Super Nintendo, then kicked out by the likes of Kick Ass himself.

It’s fun, it’s campy, it’s been under appreciated by modern audiences and ultimately, and it’s destined to become a cult classic. Thanks to the great visuals inspired by old 16-bit games and tunes provided by what sounds like Gameboy nerd fixin’s with a little 1-UP mushroom on the side.

Bitter Balcony has talked smack about Michael Cera before, but “Scott Pilgrim” seems as if it’s written for him. Cera’s comedic timing and delivery are right. He kicks ass like any quarter-spending video game fan would. Cera’s joined by Ellen Wong and Mary Elizabeth Winstead who play rival love interests Knives Chau and Ramona Flowers, respectively.


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The Expendables, or how AARP got 'roid rage!

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, The Expendables 2010Sylvester Stallone, Dave Callaham Sylvester StalloneSylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li Bitter,Bitterometer,meter The Expendables(2010)

Commando. Rambo. Die Hard. These are the action films of my 80's childhood, adrenaline-fueled exhibits of American gung-ho-ism and muscle-headed resolve. The heroes in these films are not known for their acting abilities, but for awesome screen presence and incomparable charisma. In a summer movie season that’s been a yawn, it's good to count on some old fashion bing bam boom, the kind that kills brain cells and makes you subscribe to a gym you'll never use. Sylvester Stallone returns with his formula (not HGH, but close) and brings "The Expendables," a tribute to his career and to his posse of immensely rich and ego-centric Hollywood alpha-dogs. Plot? Who cares! But if you must know, a elite group of mercenaries named The Expendables are hired by the secretive "Mr. Church" (Bruce Willis) to take down a Latin American island's military dictator and the CIA agent gone bad(Eric Roberts) behind the whole coup. Well, that's it, but that's all Stallone needs to blow stuff up, with simpleton sub-plots for his co-stars Jason Statham, Jet Li, and Dolph Lungdren to beat the crap of some poor extras.


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Interview: One Hello World

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As we mentioned in our previous post HERE, One Hello World is a great idea where people can call into a voicemail with a story, observation or memory that then has a soundtrack applied to it, by a talented musician, enhancing the experience of the story.

We reached out and were able to get this interview with the website’s creator to better understand the motivations, desires for the future of the project and methods employed.

What inspired this project?
My love for film scores and my never ending curiosity about the human condition.

Where did you come of with the name "One Hello World"?
I'm one guy, and I'm asking for people across the world to dial me up.

Do you make film scores professionally?
Not yet.

If not, is this an interest you have? If so, what works have you done?
Sure! If I got an invitation from a movie house to write up a film score, I'd be happy to take it on.

Would you score your own narrative, or have you already?
Possibly, but I'm much more interested in hearing what other people have to say. Thus far, I haven't called into the number myself.

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Hotties in Haiku: Elisabeth Shue

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Always the looker.

Finally back on the screen.

Yup, you've still got it.


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Salt – way too much salt [User Review]

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, 2010Angelina Jolie Bitter,Bitterometer,meter Salt (2010)

Salt – way too much salt

Watching the movie ‘Salt’ is like eating something that has way too much salt in it; I couldn’t even tell what was in my mouth, nothing fresh and nothing inspiring and leaves a plain nasty after taste.

Salt tells a tale that, hey spoiler here so look away, a female CIA agent is accused of being a Russian spy. And then she is on the run, trying to save her husband who was kidnapped, and after that, setting out for a personal revenge journey. See, I am decent, I do not give all the story, still keep the thrill, not that there is any thrill in the movie that worth catching up, but anyway.

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Blockbuster files for bankruptcy... next month

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It's hardly a surprise, but Blockbuster has announced that that they will file for bankruptcy so they can shed about 1,000 stores and clear up 1 billion dollars of debt. This could potentially be one more example of how the film world is moving further and further online be it for rentals or purchases. Time will tell, but our money is that Netfilx has the right idea and will be around for quite some time.

Here is a bit of the report from Kotaku, "According to "people who have been briefed on the matter", Blockbuster has already begun meeting with Hollywood's big movie studios to discuss the move, which its hoped will help them restructure $1 billion in debt and allow the company to get out of leases on around 500 of its stores."

Blockbuster perhaps your time is up. The late fees that sustain those stores are no longer acceptable and there are plenty other alternatives.

Good luck to those looking for work in this economy, and we mean that sincerely.


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