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Thor - Poppy Corny kinda Movie [User Review]

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, 2011Kenneth BranaghNatalie Portman Bitter,Bitterometer,meter Thor (2011)

The experience watching "Thor" is exactly like eating that tub of popcorn - it is a lazy choice, un-inspiring, fast-food flavor, nothing more than salt/grease, and taste exactly like the last time you had it - an experience built to be forgotten.

"Thor" tells a story where this blonde boyish 'god of thunder', is being cast to earth after making an arrogant mistake and power stripped; he however learnt the value of life and love and regain his power through the short journey on earth, kissed a human girl, and recovered his god-ish status.


Wild Wild Mess, er, West review

Wild Wild West

We at Bitter Balcony sometimes wish that writing a review for a movie like “Wild Wild West” would be short and simple. If it were that easy, this review would read, “Sigh!” and nothing more. Alas, people expect more from us and we aim to provide, so here we go…

The movie begins with cheesy, low-budget credits: some vector-traced images in shades of brown and black. The opening theme is fairly traditional for a western, but when it cuts to a modernized ditty, we know we’re in trouble. The intro to “Wild Wild West” tells us what we’re in for: boring effects, a movie that looks like a western, and a whole lot of nothing else.

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