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How broken is The Broken?

Lena Heady, Sarah Connor, The Broken, movie, review, Bitter Balcony The Broken (2008)

“The Broken” is a horror film made for After Dark Horrorfest (produced by After Dark Films), which features Gina McVey (Lena Headey) as a woman who sees a doppelganger of herself driving down the street. The experience sends her down a winding road of denial, possible mental instabilities – and murder. However, like all winding roads, this film travels slowly around each curve to avoid falling off the edge. Does the movie succeed in maintaining intrigue and pace? Sometimes less so than we’d like.

Haven't we all had a moment where we looked at ourselves in the mirror and wondered who might be on the other side and if our reflection is even our own? What? No? OK, well some of us do. “The Broken,” written and directed by Sean Ellis, explores the subject in a body-snatcher style and succeeds, but not as stellar as we'd hope.


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