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There are obviously parallels to Borat, but that doesn’t mean we will take the easy way out. If Bitter Balcony would always take the easy way out Hollywood would know no fear as it does now. What? No one in Hollywood knows about us? Oh. Well, lets pretend. We won’t take the easy way out. Nein!

What we have here is Sacha Baron Cohen taking a character of extreme nature (a flamboyant fashionista, which is openly gay) and running around public and private places. When I mention private places I also mean those in his pants. The man loves to wave shake, twirl and wiggle his dangling unmentionables in front of the camera every chance he gets.

The character is funny, but not hilarious. There are a lot of forced jokes meant to get a reaction, but they fall pretty flat. You can expect that with this kind of movie. At the same time you shouldn’t because there should be several attempts at each joke so they can get the right shot. Perhaps it’s not so forgivable? The story is flat, but its really only a vehicle to move you to the next skit.

One thing about Cohen is that the man is willing to put himself into some very awkward situations. Some will get a good kick out of you. Then there are some that you have to just shake your head and sigh at the kind of people that he is capable of getting for these movies, from sexual situations to mocking the blindly religious.

One shot where he is casting children for a photo shoot he asks the parents for all kinds questions and you shudder at what these parents say is OK. Things like handling hot embers and antiquated machinery. Hell, even being tied up to a crucifix. Cohen can find the best examples of why people aren’t as intellectually advanced, as we’d like to think. A world where people will pimp their kids and bitter movie reviews are written, a sad state of affairs indeed.

The worst-case scenario for Cohen is if his movies begin to fail he would be the greatest casting agent for Jerry Springer the show has ever had. He could singlehandedly bring about the end of the world by getting all these people in one spot at one time. Either that or Satan would tuck tail and run at the thought that the idiocy might be contagious.

Overall is it a good comedy? It is OK. You get three of four good laughs out of it and that is it. In my case, I got a real kick out of the reference to Mel Gibson, but I tend to laugh were no one else does. If there is some other comedy you are interested you would probably better off watching it, but if you have two ours to kill for a meh comedy then this is your film.

Complimentary sum-up, in German: Wir haben diesen Sketch vor gesehen, aber Cohen hält zu versuchen, den Umschlag zu drücken. Schließlich it' vergesslicher Film S.-A. sehr.

Now that all that is said and done… Cohen needs to shoot an actual film and leave that Ali G shtick behind.



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Directed by: Larry Charles
Cast: Sacha Baron Cohen

Source of the Bitter: JAS

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Que on Wed, 08/05/2009 - 6:24pm

Watching this film has a lot in common with eating a whole frog.

1. Takes very open mind to sit and pick up a fork.

2. Does not look like a gourmet choice. Now imagine a dead whole frog in your plate.

3. You simply can't start enjoying it just by looking at it, or

4. You enjoy it and feeling disgusted chewing in the same time.

5. A frog is far from a whole meal due to its size. Now imagine a dead whole frog in your plate.

6. Most people won't rush back for another frog feast. You certainly don't want frogs for dinner every day for the rest of your life. You are just glad that you finished the meal.

7. If you tell people that you thoroghly enjoyed it and wanting more, some people will call you freak.

JAS on Wed, 08/05/2009 - 7:02pm

8. Some people should never try to eat a frog.

9. A frog has little brains.

10. It's just not that pretty too look at.

Good job, Que!

Que on Thu, 08/06/2009 - 5:21pm

thx, I think I am discovering my new talent in sounding bitter and sarcastic.

JAS on Thu, 08/06/2009 - 6:03pm

Which means you are a perfect fit for Bitter Balcony! We appreciate your comments! There is nothing like someone who can read reviews with an open mind AND that gets our humor. :)

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