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A "Cold Soul" would have helped make us feel this movie didn't suck

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"Cold Souls" must have been made by a group of soulless, passionless people. This film gives us the rare treat of watching Paul Giamatti overact – and then try to under act for 101 minutes. The problem is that this treat has gone stale and like most of the candy we tried in Hong Kong, lacks any real flavor.

Giamatti plays Paul, a struggling actor who stumbles upon an ad in the Yellow Pages (people still read these?) decides it would be a good idea go soulless. You read that right: the logic is that an artist would be better at his craft without a soul. Is it us or does this a) not make any sense or b) seem like a process most of Hollywood has gone through? Paul lives without his soul for a while then realizes this isn't the best idea he's had - and blah blah blah.

"Cold Souls" is flat and disappoints on various levels. The pseudo-artsy humor is either too sophisticated for us lowbrow jackasses at Bitter Balcony or maybe it's just not terribly funny. We vote the latter. Properly made, "Cold Souls" could have been pretty slick, but this failure of a film is an utter bore to watch.

Giamatti does his little "haha I'm such an actor playing an actor" shtick, making our skin crawl so high that it inverts and we are left looking like fleshy zombies. Emily Watson plays Paul's wife in a limited and uninspiring performance.

On a positive note, Bitter Balcony can at least compliment the machines used in the film. They're glossy, cleanly designed sci-fi things that look cool. Too bad "Cold Souls" isn't.



Official website:

Cold Souls (2009)


Directed by: Sophie Barthes
Written by: Sophie Barthes
Cast: Paul Giamatti, Emily Watson, David Strathaim, Dina Korzun, Katheryn Winnick

Source of the Bitter: JAS

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