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"Dark Knight Rises" = the best of Batman!

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“Dark Knight Rises” is great. I can’t top other reviews that praise this film already. Since I can’t do that I will tell you what this film does provide.

“The Bane problem,” as noted by the producers. The problem is really that the audio work for Bane is just under terrible. His audio doesn’t ever feel like its part of the scene, but ADR recording. That being said I, after two viewings, have missed at least three lines. The mask is an issue. The way it was recorded and reinserted is an issue, but let us look at the positive… Christopher Nolan/Tom Hardy (AKA actor god) manage to make a pretty lame villain a leader and one you can get behind. Yes, he is very much a socialist and not a Republican… Suck it, Romney!

Catwoman is just one other great performance/character in this film. Anne Hathaway does a fantastic job and gives the character the depth she deserves. She is neither a villain nor a hero. Walking that fine like is what our perfect Catwoman does and what she does well.

Alfred as played by Michael Caine. Michael Caine is just fucking amazing. This is a secondary (almost tertiary when you think about the scale of the film) character that should give Bruce/Batman guidance. In this film he proves his worth with a very poetic and somewhat European twist. He does exhibit three heartbreaking scenes the last of which broke me as a viewer.

Last to mention here, which should have been first, is Christian Bale’s lead performance. The man holds the film steady, but doesn’t stand out. This is not meant to diminish his role in the film because he rocks it, but moreso that the performances of Oldman, Hardy and Hathaway are just so great; Hathaway’s being equal to Bale’s.

This cast is fantastic. This film is fantastic. This ending to a trilogy is everything we had hoped it would be.

If you were debating watching this film, debate not further. Catch this in the theaters while you still can. Screw IMAX and screw 3D, this film is great without the gimmick.

I was happy this film made me fail at my job here... being bitter. ;)

Dark Knight Rises2012David GoyerChristopher Nolan Christian Bale,   Dark Knight Rises2012David GoyerChristopher Nolan Christian Bale,   Dark Knight Rises2012David GoyerChristopher Nolan Christian Bale,   Dark Knight Rises2012David GoyerChristopher Nolan Christian Bale,  

Directed by: Christopher Nolan
Written by: David Goyer
Cast: Christian Bale,

Source of the Bitter: JAS

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