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Deja Vu, its what I feel after watching crap like this


Déjà Vu

Is this “Déjà Vu” or am I seeing the same crappy film over again? Yup, I am.

A ferry with the crewmen of the USS Nimitz is blown to bits along with their family members. Doug Carlin is sent in to investigate. During his investigation he is attached to an experimental FBI surveillance unit that uses a machine which can see slightly more than four days into the past - but the time is constant, no Go-Backsies. Doug is obsessed with the victim of a crime that was set up to look like it was part of the explosion. He focuses so much on the murder of a good-looking chick that it’s surprising he can solve a thing. But, since Doug is played by Denzel, he must be smart.

You’ve got to love it when someone is motivated by beauty. Why can’t he get obsessed with finding the killer of an 80-year-old grandmother with eight toes? Oh, what? Because it’s better to go with the traditional standard crap? Right. Well, a story that could have been cool ends up taking forever to get to the cool part and just because it’s Denzel, they are able to defy physics and comply with his every ludicrous demand. He asks the FBI to possibly destroy their timeline and they comply with little care.

Tony Scott takes up his traditional directing style once again focusing on odd crap and distracting us rather than entertaining us. The man needs to get over his I-wish-it-was-uber-cool style and pick up the same style he shot “True Romance,” which supports and moves the story forward. Don’t hamper the film with bad action, neon lights all over the place, and field-of-vision issues. Thankfully, he saves our retinas this time by avoiding the neon colors throughout most of the film. The direction is mediocre. He does his job, but there is nothing exciting and nothing of quality.

Performances are standard. Denzel Washington does his shtick and Val Kilmer stands around as a supporting actor. It bums me out that Kilmer didn’t get the lead and wasn’t given the chance to do something different. Kilmer may be an ass, but he has acting chops. Denzel does the same serious thing, then smirk, then serious again. It’s boring. James Caviezel has a small role as the antagonist. He does a solid job for the 10 minutes he is onscreen.

By no means is this movie horrible, but it is totally skipable and as forgettable as most of the Hollywood crap coming out in the last decade. The only “Déjà Vu” you’ll have while watching this film is that you have seen this subpar attempt at filmmaking many times before.



">Déjà Vu


Directed by: Tony Scott
Written by: Bill Marsilii, Terry Rossio
Cast: Denzel Washington, Val Kilmer, James Caviezel

Source of the Bitter: JAS

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