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Everybody Deserves a "Humpday", But Hopefully Not With Your Best Friend!



Little boy dares and amateur porn meet in Lynn Shelton's indie comedy "Humpday." Ben (Mark Duplass) is a young married man who enjoys the picket fence life with his low-key wife Anna (Alycia Delmore). Andrew (Joshua Leonard), on the other hand, lives a "On The Road" bohemian lifestyle that takes him everywhere. Andrew drops by old buddy Ben's house unannounced after several years of not seeing each other. While both men's lives have taken different paths, their friendship seems to stay the course in spite of the time passed.

However, the bad-boy tendencies the friends shared in college are reignited and insinuated provocations test each other's machismo. And how does one conquer another man's roaring ego? Well, during at borderline swinger party thrown by Andrew's girlfriend, someone suggests shooting an amateur porn video. Andrew assumes the domesticated Ben wouldn't take that dare, but the Alpha male in Ben raises the stakes one better: How about a porn flick of themselves having sex? Hey, nothing says "I'm comfortably straight" than banging your best friend, right?

What starts as a absurd idea begins to take root for Ben and Andrew and actually going through the film takes on deeper meaning than initially thought. For Andrew, living like a wanderer has been an excuse to accomplish something of merit; for Ben it's an opportunity to prove that he can still do whatever he wants despite his marriage. The news is none too pleasing for Anna, who can't make sense of her husband's rationale and tries to reality-check for both men-kids.

"Humpday" was a nice surprise for Bitter Balcony. The improvised dialogue works and creates a casual, spontaneous rapport between the three leads. Shelton lets the actors to examine the intricacies of their relationships, most notably in a game of hoops between Ben and Andrew that becomes a tug of war over the basketball. Mark Duplass pulls off the good husband with a chip on his shoulder. Joshua Leonard of "The Blair Witch Project" fame handles the free-spirit Andrew while adding meat to some of his unresolved issues.



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Directed by: Lynn Shelton
Written by: Lynn Shelton
Cast: Mark Duplass, Joshua Leonard

Source of the Bitter: John Rojas

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