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Julie & Julia - deliciously imbalanced [User Review]


Julie & Julia

Julie & Julia is a delicious but unbalanced movie. It is like enjoying a piece of lemon pie – the lemon cream is perfectly fresh and packed with flavor but the pastry is inevitably dull, making you just want to dive into the lemon part and forget about the stupid crust. Mind you, it is not a movie about food. So if you are looking for delicious recipes, gourmet food images, smooth food handling technics or ultimate chef legends, you are looking at a wrong movie. Julie & Julia is a delicious movie on its own, food just happened to be part of it. Oh, and not very well balanced.

The movie tells two parallel plot lines - Julie Child is a housewife newly arrives to France and having passion for good food. She took cooking lessons and imagine one day she will be teaching people making French food and then writing a cook book. Meanwhile our Julia is in 2002, with depressing career and no sense of self-achievement. She decided to follow Julie Child’s classic cook book, reproduce every single recipe in the book and write an internet blog about it.

I didn’t know much about the name, Julie Child, before I watch the movie. Obviously she was a household-known name to some. Meryle Stripp is superb as Julie Child. She speaks high pitch tone through the movie, her body language was detailed and she gives the role the depth just about right. She obviously poured effort into studying the role and on screen Julie Child was vividly happy, simple and delightful.

This made the movie quite unbalanced because the other side of the story, Julia’s blog, is not engaging as the counter part. Not that Amy Adams’ part was bad – it is just, not a matching part. As a food lover I had to say her cooking scenes were not very believable, and her emotional up/downs just was that interesting over all.

I wished the movie was just about Julie Child. It was, ultimately, about Julie Child but the ‘Julia part’ just seems to drag it down a bit. It could be even nicer a movie if we take the ‘can’t handle alive lobster’ part out. I thought maybe it was throw in to connect the modern youth but to me, it was utterly redundant.

After the movie I went online searching for real Julie Child’s videos. Those kept footages made me appreciate Meryle’s effort even more – I went back and watched the movie one more time. And this time, I fast-forwarded all the ‘Julia’ part. That was my own action to dive into the lemon cream and forget about the crust.




Directed by: Nora Ephron
Written by: Nora Ephron - Novel by: Julie Powell
Cast: Amy Adams, Meryl Streep, Stanley Tucci

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