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Funny People

Good evning y’all! This afternoon I’ll be teachin ya how to make an Apatow/Sandler stew.

This is a combination of two stews. The recently popular Apatow stew and the time-tested Sandler stew. Each one has their mandatory ingredients. These ingredients make the stews we expect, but is a combination of the two a good one? We’ll see.

First, the ingredients for each:

Apatow stew requires the following:
3 cup – Penis jokes
1/3 cup – Fart jokes
2 Cups – Seth Rogen not getting laid jokes
1 tablespoon (though it feels like way more than that) – Bad acting and typical scripting of Jonah Hill’s dialog
5 Tablespoons – Rogen having friends that give him pointers on getting laid.
At least 1 Cup – Mention of Rogen loosing weight
**Depending on what variant of the stew your after add more Penis jokes.

Sandler stew has its own requirements and usually go unchanged.
5 Cups – Random mood changes
2 Cup – Attempt at “funny” Sandler voices
1/2 Cups – Forcing the audience to sit though Sandler’s music

Take these two stews, mix them to their typical state then pour in same bowl.

What we get with the recipe above is a bland comedy that lacks the heart to be an effective drama and lacks the comedic elements to make it a good comedy.

John Rojas (one of Bitter Balcony’s editors) has mentioned that the Apatow/Rogen team has had much better quality in their TV shows than any of their movies. It is in the humble opinion of this editor that he is right on the money. Their movies have been really lacking in the character development department as opposed to their tv shows which have been all about the characters.

In this particular film we get the attempt at mixing drama and comedy. The story follows George a successful comedian who learns that he has a blood disorder that will do him in. Ira is a struggling comedian who works at a deli. He rooms with two other comedians, one that has found a certain level of success and the mandatory role for Jonah Hill. Ira cracks on a bad standup act of George’s. This gets George’s attention and he hires Ira as his personal assistant.

The struggle of a famous comedian finding out he is going to die and realizing that he has no real friends to speak of should be enough to have a solid drama that might have some funny moments intertwined. What we get though is a script (by Judd Apatow) that lacks in both drama and comedy.

The film features your typical Apatow cast. Seth Rogen, Leslie Mann, Jonah Hill and throws in Adam Sandler and Eric Bana to keep it from being TOO typical. In the end though, the performances are what we always get only this time it mixes Rogen with Sandler. The casting makes you roll your eyes more than once, as it is the same cast as all the other Apatow movies. Can Johah Hill find work anywhere else?

It is worth noting that as bland as the movie is for its majority it does get a tiny bit better with the inclusion of Eric Bana. He worked out a lot better in this film that expected. It’s a pleasant surprise, but one that doesn’t make up for all the other of the films shortcomings.

There are a bunch of cameos. Most of them are has-beens that don’t add much in humor or story development. It is worth noting in case you actually find people like Eminem and Andy Dick funny.

Direction (Judd Apatow), soundtrack, everything that it takes to make a movie is standard for this crew. There is no point in pointing the finger at anything as poor or brilliant as it is all very very typical. Sure the formula worked in the first few movies, but its tired already.

It’s not that this movie is bad. It is your standard Apatow, but it is dialed down in humor and the drama doesn’t make up for it. The film is just utterly unimpressive.




Directed by: Judd Apatow
Written by: Judd Apatow
Cast: Seth Rogen, Adam Sandler, Eric Bana, Jonah Hill, Leslie Mann

Source of the Bitter: JAS

Comments, rants and other stuffs below
LyndiT on Mon, 08/31/2009 - 12:29pm

Just hilarious.

Que on Mon, 08/24/2009 - 6:04pm

Hey Jas, that sound like a inspiring recipe you throw out there, but how come the end photo look like some Asian rice noodle soup?

I kept wondering where exactly along the line, these funny people just stopped being funny. Robin Williams and Eddy Murphy are all just making sad movies these days; and Sandler and Stiller are stilling trying hard but keep tripping over themselves, and Chris Rock never made a funny movie to begin with. Seems Rogan is heading down to that direction and moving rather fast.

being funny seems to have use-by-date.

John Rojas on Mon, 08/24/2009 - 10:59am

Eric Bana, to my surprise, was a comedian in his native Australia before he did Chopper. That movie brought him here and made him into a dramatic actor. So, perhaps comedy might be a refreshing feature for him, since he sucked so bad in Star Trek.

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