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Soaring Above Expectations – Disney’s UP [User Review]

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, 2009 Up (2009)

Filled with wonderment and intrigue, UP stars a heart warming 70 year old man, a young boy scout a few hilarious creatures on their adventure that captures the attention of every generation. The movie tells a timeless tale of adventure and aging that touches on almost every emotion.

Carl has just about given up watching almost all of his dreams float away, from the dream of having children, to living out his shared adventure with his wife. He has just about given up, until he has no more choices. Carl is 70 year old man, retired from selling balloon and has got quite the scheme up his sleeve. He literally gets enough balloons attached to his house to get his house flying. Okay, so when I first saw previews for the movie, I had to say I was a bit skeptical that I would be able to relate to an old grumpy man that is floating around with a house of balloons, yet I was pulled in. The story was compelling, and demanded empathy, demanded understanding and I never wanted the story to end.

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Ponyo - Underrated & Under-Advertised [User Review] [User Review]

Ponyo Movie review Bitter BalconyFor most of Bitter Balcony’s readers hearing about "Ponyo" might not be exactly what they are hoping to read. However, I was impressed this heartwarming and highly creative Miyazaki film captures and expressively displays the joyful essence of youthful imagination.

Sure, it made it to the big screen. I saw the poster and I admit, I quickly forgot about the film.

Getting a moment to sit down and dedicate time towards watching a “kids movie” is time that is hard to come by. However if you enjoyed "My Neighbor Totoro" you will find that "Ponyo" and her cute habits are a great compliment to that sort of experience.


Michael Jackson's "Thriller" [User Review]


Michael Jackson's "Thriller" music video remade with Legos, shot for shot.

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