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night mother marsha norman

Bitter Balcony Podcast Episode 4 - Turtle Power!


In our fourth episode we decided to cover the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film franchise. Along with special guest Matt Ellison from The Cinema Sluts we discuss the franchise from it's 1990 film origin to a brief talk about the 2014 Bay produced Turtles film.


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Bitter Balcony Podcast Episode 3 - Halloween Movie Recommendations


Here it is ghouls and gals! Episode 3 of Bitter Balcony's Podcast is here! Join us as we recommend some overlooked and/or foreign horror films to watch this Halloween.


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Bitter Balcony Podcast Episode 2 - “Getting to know you… er, us”


In our second episode Bitter Balcony's John Rojas and JAS will discuss their personal film history spanning from childhood dream to adult passion. From Tarantino's inspiration to the digital revolution, we've been witness to how our favorite medium has evolved. We'll also discuss recent news like the passing of Elizabeth Peña.

Once again pardon our dust as we figure out our technical issues. This podcast is recorded over a distance 3,000 miles. John Rojas lives in Florida and JAS in Seattle, so pardon us while we work out the kinks.


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Bitter Balcony Podcast Episode 1 - The Terminator franchise


Bitter Balcony is dipping it's big toe in the cool waters of podcasting. In our first episode our own John Rojas and JAS discuss the Terminator franchise, including "Sarah Connor Chronicles" and the upcoming "Terminator: Genisys"

Have a listen and send us feedback, requests or anything else you'd like to share.


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Lucy: The Dumbest Movie Ever Made About Brain Capacity <link>

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review,   Bitter,Bitterometer,meter  

I guess we don't have to review this now that this comprehensive list of many of the dumb scenes in "Lucy". The film being Luc Besson's attempt at being an intellectual that's making a intellectual yet sexy film, but failing miserably at it.

Lucy: The Dumbest Movie Ever Made About Brain Capacity


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Cinema Triforce gets a taste of the bitter!


Cinema Triforce

Jas makes a guest appearance (non-visually) on the latest Cinema Triforce podcast. The "Prometheus" section near the middle is where he appears, but listen to the whole thing for interesting tidbits about "Event Horizon" and "Explorers".

Check it out at the Cinema Triforce's website.


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Gozilla - Who wants to see the titular character anyway?

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, Godzilla 2014Max Borenstein,Dave CallahamGareth EdwardsAaron Taylor-Johnson,CJ Adams	,Ken Watanabe,Bryan Cranston,Elizabeth Olsen Bitter,Bitterometer,meter Godzilla(2014)


Godzilla… He’s (sometimes she) a big lizard stomping around the city mashing up shit. This is what the real fans want to see. Instead we get tease after tease after tease and no real “Holy crap! Godzilla’s kickin’ ass!” moments. Instead, what we get is a handful of characters that have no dimension to them who somehow have a magnetic attraction to Godzilla and are always around.

Gareth Edwards’ “Monsters” was an entertaining movie about trying to get out of a quarantine zone where giant monsters run. That’s the basic gist of it and it worked. That movie was shot with a small budget and we get saving the big reveal for when it gives maximum payoff. The problem is that this movie is about Godzilla. We know him and we want to see him. What was supposed to be the best part is that this movie can afford to do it right and show him as often as they like. NOPE! It’s like he thought we wouldn’t actually want to see extended scenes of big G beating crap up, but in my own case… this was the exact reason I paid for my ticket.


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